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  Quality Assurance


Quality Centered and Customer Satisfied,Sustainable Improvement
and Continuous Innovation
Quality is fundamental to the survival and development of Fast

      The destination Fast Employees pursue after is to provide satisfactory

     products for customers. 

    Aim at the international market,be pioneering and enterprising,and keep improving.


      Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd.

      The loss per ten thousand output values targeted to be reduced by 3% per year.

     Within two years, gradually increase the mileage of Fast HD Transmissions within

     the period of three quality warranties to 200,000 kilometers.

     Perform quality commitments,and deal with customer information timely and


     Baoji Fast Gear Co., Ltd.

     Scrap Rate≤0.2%

     Within two years, severe failure rate for transmissions ≤3‰ and≤1‰ for the best. 

     Scrap Rate≤1%

     Accomplishment ratio of sustainable improvement plans up to 80% or above.


      Delivery products meet all the requirements of contracts.

     Add technical service stations throughout the country and provide essential 

     technical guidance and consultancy for customers. Within 12 hours, make 

     definite reply to the customer and get to the site within 48 hours after receiving 

     the help information.  

       Relevant Certificates:
Fast always adheres to the requirement of high standard and high quality. It has

      successively acquired ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification,QS9000 Quality

      System Certification,ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System Certification,

      ISO10012-1 National Measurement, Inspection and Test System Certification,

      ISO14001 Environmental Quality System Certification and its labs also have
the ISO17025:1999 Lab Certification. It has set up a sound, tight and
quality assurance system, implementing rigorous quality management
to guarantee every product satisfies customers.





















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