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  7JS100 Series

7JS100  series

Structure Characteristics:
 The integral design of Front section and Auxiliary section of transmission, Front section of transmission operated manually, Auxiliary section operated by air 7 Forward and 1 Reverse.
 All twin countershafts driving in Front section and Auxiliary section of transmission , Floating mainshafts (M/S) and gears on it.
 Be able to operated by Double H, Single bar or Double bar, In either Left or right sides and in two ways (Front and back).
 Being equipped with front all power PTO, side PTO, bottom PTO and rear PTO.
 Short Axial size, Light weight, Big load - bearing capacity, reliable usage, convenient service.

Technical Parameter


Power(Kw) Torque(Nm) Speed(rpm)

Gear Ratios

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R
7JS100 199 1000 2600 10.63 7.04 4.63 3.36 2.09 1.38 1.00 10.58
7JS100A 199 1000 2600 8.03 5.32 3.36 2.54 1.58 1.00 0.756 8.00

Applicable Vehicles:
 The transmission series can be used for all kind of road truck, dump truck ,off highway truck, tractor, truck crane, mine truck, H D fire engine and railway car and etc whose toque is equal to 1000 nm.


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  7JS100 Series
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