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Fast Thailand Company Passed Quality and Environment System Audit
Publish:  time:2016-12-12 15:27:44.0    

Fast Thailand Company passed ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System and ISO140001 Environment Management System audit successfully in succession. The authentication experts said the ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System and ISO140001 Environment Management System were running effectively which met standard requirementS, they recommended to issue the certifications for the company.

After documents and site audit, the experts fully affirmed the advancement of quality and environment management systems. They deemed that the products of Thailand Company met customer requirements and could continue to improve according to customer intention and problems found during scientific management and internal audit. At the same time, environment management systems of Thailand Company also run well and established self-discovery, self-improvement, and continuous improvement mechanism.

During the short period of two years since founding, Fast Thailand Company has been continuously extending market, speeding up production cycle time and the same time paying much attention to implementation of quality and environment management system. It made up detailed plan and brought product R&D, production service and on site management to the system, so that the systems could progress orderly.

Passing of the audit will improve quality and environment management level of the company, the quality management system will run more standardized and environment management system will be more complete, which will guarantee good quality of products.




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