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Top Leaders of Transnational Corporations Visited Us
Publish:  time:2016-12-12 14:44:23.0    

On Jul.19th, Board Chairman and CPC Secretary Yan Jianbo met with top leader of Caterpillar and WABCO respectively. VP Wang Shunli and Liu Yi attended the meeting.

Board Chairman emphasized during the meeting with Chen Qihua, deputy CEO of Caterpillar that depending on technical progress and self innovation, Fast continuous firmed its traditional market, explored overseas business actively and made breakthroughs in new energy auto drivetrain field. Facing the development trend of automation and energy-saving in the industry, only by deepening the cooperation of Caterpillar and Fast and supporting our JV to grow in an all-around way can we realize maximum benefit on our joint venture and joint cooperation.

Board Chairman emphasized during the meeting with Chen Qihua, deputy CEO of WABCO that the AMT products met with trend of market development and we had got great achievements in previous market promotion. We hoped that WABCO and Fast keep deep cooperation and strengthen technical communication not only on current AMT products, also on providing optimized configuration for commercial market to fulfill win-win development.

Leaders of Caterpillar and WABCO thought high of the long-term friendship between the companies, and briefly analyzed the trend of industry development and the prospect of new energy market. They made fruitful communication with Board Chairman Yan Jianbo on topics like product promotion, deep-level cooperation, etc.. They further expressed that they would consolidate the basis of cooperation, carry forward the cooperation achievements, seek for more cooperation opportunities, create greater development results and work hard to adapt to global market development requirements.



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